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JAI 102 challenge

I have been reading and watching the challenges at Just Add Ink for a while now but have never been brave enough to give one a go… untill now. This also means I can tick #15 for January off my list. (A reminder of my list is here.)

This week was: Just Add Kathy Tanner, one of the design team members at JAI. I went and had a look around her blog and this is what she inspired me to make.

JAI 102 entry

I drew my colours from this one and I loved her reoccurring themes of squares and ribbon flowers. I wanted my card to be postage friendly however so I went for a flat flower (SU triple treat flower stamp) but still managed to work in one of those fabulous SU antique brads. (Those that know me well will know I lusted after these brads for a very long time but have been very miserly with using them. “I’m saving them for good!”)

It also gave me a chance to play with lots of different embossing folders while using up some scraps. I will admit I am a hoarder and throw out very little when crafting. I feel pretty pleased with the result but I do need to work on the photographic skills so I can actually do these creations justice.


A new recipe.

Ok so cooking has never really been my strong point. I can bake pretty well but cooking is a job that has always fallen into Frostys’ domain. I can hear a collective gasp “a husband that cooks!” I know, pretty lucky right? Well I have always just deferred to him citing reasons like “if it’s up to me we’ll stave” or “I don’t enjoy cooking and he does” and so it has been for the past 10 years. Well in the pre-Frosty years I cooked, ate and survived but I have never been a confidant cook, unlike my parents. Dad is an awesome cook and mum… well can anyone ever beat a mums home cooking? As the years have ticked by I have become less and less confidant to the point I ask dumb questions when preparing anything harder than 2 minute noodles or toast.

Toast, toasted

I have decided now is the time for change! It has never been that I couldn’t cook, I just didn’t. With pushing myself into 1 new recipe a month I figured it would get me up and running in the kitchen again and also build up not just my skills but the choice of meals in high rotation in our household. I guess most people suffer from it but it is never really spoken of, the dreaded meal rut. Eating the same thing week in and week out because it is easy and doesn’t require too much thought.

Well I did it. I started off little but I have started. A Nigella Lawson recipe even. Marmite spaghetti. Here is the recipe and video.

Nigella Lawson at a Borders book-signing

I saw this on TV the other week on her show and it peaked my interest. I kept wondering what it actually tasted like. I finally gave in and googled it and had a go. Frosty claims it is his new favourite meal and can’t wait to have it again. I personally LOVED it. Total comfort food perfection.

Now a small confession, although the sauce has a whole 3 ingredients I still managed to muck it up and take 2 goes to get it right. My mistake in just reading the recipe and not watching the video ment I did not have a hot enough pan or put my water in fast enough. Lesson learnt.

Other things learnt was that next time I will use more Marmite (Vegemite in this house). It says a teaspoon I used more like 2 next time I will use more like a tablespoon. Also we did not have the parmesan to go on top but I doubt it really needs it so I would not rush to have some especially. One other thought on it all is that I should have taken a photo of my effort butas I haven’t here is one someone else took of theirs.

Overall the new recipe was a success and I now feel brave enough to try something more daring out next month.

A furry distraction

Well nothing in the past week or so seems to have gone to plan. We went to look at kittens just considering the possibility and came home with two new additions to our family.

kittens at play

These two wee boys have certainly kept us very busy but it is such a joy to watch them explore, learn and play together.

Meet Maverick.


If he were a human he would be described as the type to dive in without thinking. Act first, think later would be his motto. Full of energy but unable to take the hint when his little brother doesn’t want to play.

Meet Goose.


He is very thoughtful and it is almost like he puts alot of thought in before he does anything. A real snuggle puss and a hit with the ladies.

We got these two little angels through Paws 4 Life. I must recommend Rach to everyone and if anyone in Hamilton needs a kitty she is the lady to see. She has been a god send answering these anxious new parents questions.

Mummys bag

These little guys are already leaving paw prints on our hearts. Each night Frosty and I rush home from work excited to see our boys. We now just need them to stop stealing our pillows in the night.

stop it we are trying to sleep

Will update you all on my  resolution progress soon, but I believe for now there is some string that needs chasing.



1 week down


No surprises really that the first week has just blown by. I have however made some small progresses and a mild failure. If you need a reminder of my resolutions have a look here.


#1 Started a blog and posted 3 times (yes I’m counting this). Now there is still a long way to go and I’m not amazingly in love with how it all looks at this stage but I figured I can work on that stuff later. I just need to keep reminding myself  “I have only just started and I have time to work on things. Everything does not need to be done today!” I am slowly learning how everything works and am feeling a little proud of myself that I have followed though this much with the busy week I have had… work, family (some visiting from overseas and one in and out of hospital), I had some mystery illness that had me a bit slow and then there is the weather. We have had some very unseasonal weather which has consisted of a lot of rain and even flooding in places.

#3 I also joined The Sew Weekly. I haven’t sewn anything yet (I can’t even get to my sewing machine at the moment)  but I have joined which is one step closer right?

Sewing costumes

Non Progress…

#33 I bought a birthday present for someone and the lovely man at the shop gift wrapped it and popped it in a bag for me. I walked out of the shop and got halfway down the mall and looked down at my hand to realize I was clutching a plastic bag. I will need to get a lot smarter to outwit these pesky plastic bags I think.

#2 which is train for a marathon 3x per week… did not happen this week. With the rain we have been having I thought I know I will use the wind trainer (if you don’t already know it basically makes a regular bike into an exercycle). Now that in itself was a good plan until my husband pointed out he had misplaced a vital part required to make it work. So I thought I know I’ll get one from the bike shop next to work…. um… no because I forgot, the missing part was then found and discovered to not fit with the new wheels so it was still a no. By this point the week finished. Good news is I have a replacement part so a different excuse will be needed next week.

Rain on Window

#52 I did drink some water, nowhere near 2L a day but it is an improvement on recent form so I wouldn’t count it as a total loss.

One week down and 51 to go… it sounds like a short amount of time when it is put like that. Well at least the sun is shining today. Maybe it means I’ll get more done this week.

English: Rainbow

52 resolutions

Well I guess the time has come to share my list with the rest of the world, so here it is in no particular order:

  1. Start a blog and write 3x per week.
  2. Train for a marathon 3x per week.
  3. Join The Sew Weekly and sew weekly.
  4. Go for a bike ride with Frosty 1x per month.
    Bike riding in George Kendall Riverside Park, ...
  5. Have guests for dinner 1x per month.
  6. Write and send a RAK (random act of kindness) card to someone I know 1x per fortnight.
  7. Read 1x book from my own collection per month.
  8. Complete sewing crazy patchwork toy.
  9. Sew Errol doll.
  10. Water touch bungy jump.
  11. Walk the Tongariro crossing.
    Mt. Tongariro
  12. Visit Whangarei.
  13. Finish projects in UFO box.
  14. Frame bunny prints.
  15. Enter 1x scrapbooking or card making challenge per month.
  16. Do yoga everyday for one month.
  17. Have a girls night out once every 2 months.
  18. Have a Halloween gathering.
    Mr. Lobo
  19. Make a years worth of cards (birthday etc excluding Xmas) by March.
  20. Make my Christmas cards before December.
  21. Try new recipes 1x per month
  22. Run the round the bridges 12kms without stopping.
  23. Enter a tree in the Trees at the meteor.
  24. Watch a new (to me) movie 1x per month.
  25. Wear a dress 1x per week.
  26. Learn to crochet.
  27. Visit art galleries or museums 6x.
  28. Visit a zoo or animal park.
  29. Try ice skating.
  30. Visit somewhere new 1x per month.
  31. Be able to play everlong on the guitar.
  32. Be able to swim 4 lengths(25m pool) freestyle continuously.
  33. Not accept any new plastic bags.
  34. Climb Mt Pirongia.
  35. Try mosaicing and complete a project.
  36. Get a second set of earing holes.
  37. Get a tattoo.
  38. Get my full drivers licence.
  39. Participate in novel writing month.
  40. Get my passport.
  41. Construct the front garden.
  42. Revamp the berry garden.
  43. Renovate the bathroom.
  44. Compile a bucket list.
  45. Wash and vacuum Polly (the car) once a month.
  46. Clean out the spare room wardrobe.
  47. Take a course on something that interests me (eg learn a new skill)
  48. Make 3 wise men.
  49. Make christmas tree skirt.
  50. Read Alice in Wonderland books.
    Jessie Willcox Smith's illustration of Alice s...
  51. Do 1 new scrapbook page per month.
  52. Drink 2L of water a day.

There’s a couple of easy ones in there but there’s a few that I know are going to be really hard. The first week is zooming by already so hold on it might be a bumpy ride.

Hello world!


So I’ve started a blog.

Why a blog?

Why not?

I guess there are a few reasons. I read (well look at and sometimes read) a lot of other people’s blogs. Not normally people I know just random interesting ones. I have just finished my studies and want a new challenge. I love writing and, although I’m unsure if I really actually have anything of note to say, want a reason excuse to write. I think the biggest reason at this point is to motivate myself into action. I have set myself a hefty challenge by making 52 resolutions for 2012.

English: Photo of Team Singapore fireworks dis...

52 resolutions came about as one of those late night, can’t sleep, “seemed like a good idea at the time” kind of things. I went back to school 2 years ago and have now completed my Diploma in Quantity Surveying. As the end of the final year drew to a close I realised that studying (for me) was just as much about the challenge as it was the topic itself. I learnt a lot about myself in those 2 years and the thing that stood out the most to me is having a list, a deadline and some kind of accountability means I’m far more likely to follow through with something. I always have a long list of things I want or need to do so I wrote them down.

In making my list I chose things that were measurable so that there wasn’t any grey areas I could exploit to say I had achieved when I hadn’t. My husband will tell you that I would do that and have. I gave up chocolate for several months but asked him several times if I could have a milky bar as it wasn’t actual chocolate.

Milkybar Wrapper

So I have a list and it all has varying deadlines attached. Accountability is where you come in (assuming anybody even reads this). Generally I would make a vague goal, not really tell anybody and then it didn’t really matter if I followed through. This time is different, I will share with you all my 52 resolutions and that way I have to at least give it a good effort right?

What are these resolutions? Well you will just have to wait for now but they will be posted soon.