… 52 resolutions.

Well as you already know I took an unexpected break from the blog due to a crazy busy time… guess you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out that I also let some of my resolutions slide too. However I still kept some things up and even ticked some things off my list. It has been awhile so if you need reminding of my resolutions they are here.


Plastic bags                                              12/0                            0%

2l Water                                                     75%                           75%


Blogging 3x per week                                 7/60                           12%

Marathon training                                      15/60                           25%

Sew Weekly                                              0/20                             0%

RAK card                                                   5/10                           50%

Wear a dress                                             34/20                            100%


Bike ride                                                     1/5                             20%

Dinner guests                                           7/5                              100%

Read a book                                            still in progress                0%

Enter challenge                                              3/5                       60%

(one of these I missed submiting by 15mins but I had done it so I think that’s worth some credit) 

Girls night out                                              1/3                                  34%

New recipe                                                 2/5                               40%

New movie                                                 8/5                               100%

Somewhere new                                       5/5                             100%

Clean Polly                                                 0/5                               0%

Scrapbook page                                        0/5                                0%


Gallery/museum                                      0/6                                 0%

Year of cards                                           FAIL                             0%

Visit zoo or animal park                          2/1                               100%

Get passport                                              1/1                                100%

31 assorted others                                  0/31                             0%

Total average score: 42%

Year To Date: 44%

I’m actually quite suprised that is isn’t lower. I guess that means that there are things I have managed to make habits so I’m now doing them without thinking. There has been a total fail on the card front and there are a few on the list that seem like the longer I wait the less likely I am going to able to achieve them. But hey I’m still trying so thats a start right? Points for effort?

I also feel like I think like a blogger. I see things and read things and think “ooo I should write about this, or I could take a photo of that” but at the same time I still feel awkward about taking photos that are just for blog reasons. I feel self concious about it. I’m a generally shy person and for some reason put way too much weight into peoples opinions of me. It doesn’t even matter who they are, if I know them or not. It is something I have done for a really long time and it’s something I would like to stop doing but that will come with time. A work in progress you could say.


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