… 52 resolutions.

Bronze God

Well still nothing intelligent to say… just more cute boys.

In the time between writing and posting about the Olympics in my last post, Hamilton Sabot won a bronze medal!

Lucky medal

He won the bronze for the mens parallel bars. It was a great effort and such a thrill to watch. If I was that excited I can’t imagine how amazing it must have been for him. It was so great to see at the medal ceremony just how happy and excited he was. A grin only to be rivaled by the Cheshire cat.

A happy boy

A happy cat (source)

Throughout the gymnastics competition there have been a lot of unlikely winners in the silver and bronze medals which I think really is inspiring. To just make the Olympic team must be the realisation of a life long dream for many of these athletes. Then to make a final, which would be considered a personal best, must feel like winning in itself. There’s not  much more you can really ask for than to do the best you ever have. When this results in a medal, particularly for someone not expected to medal, I think it really is something special. To me it is a reminder that regular people do amazing things all the time. Anything is possible.



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