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5 Rings of Distraction

Anyone get the feeling I get distracted easily? Well it is the Olympics after all.

Of course it all started with the opening ceremony, which thanks to our new myFreeview recorder, I watched over a weekend. It was nice as I had time to form opinions on uniforms and didn’t feel rushed. I could still read and go to the gym and even fitted in some housework.

I enjoyed the ceremony, although it seemed to be very different to what we are used to… almost dark in subject matter. Rather than a “children are the future” message it was lead by the talented Kenneth Branagh. I on heard a lot of mumbling on facebook about it being boring, but I didn’t think so. I guess for some if it’s not flashy and tacky it’s not interesting. A symptom of an instant gratification society? But the most important part of the games is the teams… and for me it’s what they wear in the ceremony. I don’t care about the fuss there has been about the USA uniforms, how they are weird and made in China. I think they were ok and we should all support local but I’m aware in my wardrobe there is not many, if any, NZ made so I will pass no judgement.

Kenneth Branagh

My most favourite of all was Bulgaria. 

Everyone seems to want to bag out the check but to be honest I love it and am considering if it’s a look I could rock?

I LOVE the check!

Germany was cute with the pink for girls, blue for boys deal.

Pink = Girl

Boy = Blue

Jammacia just looked out and out cool.

As for the Czech Republic… I’m still so very confused by the gumboots and shorts combo.

Moving on from the opening there is the sport itself. Our recorder is filled with gymnastics, trampoline, men’s syncro diving and womans boxing selected by me… Frosty has gone for an assortment of triathlon and cycling. I’ve also set to record BMX and mountain biking.

Like with any Olympics it was just a matter of time till I developed some level of crush on a gymnast. Many of my friends will remember the ’96 Atlanta games and my obsession with Alexei Nemov. *swoon

Golden boy Alexei

Because I can

This games the boy that I think is rather dashing is Hamilton Sabot of France. Not obsessive, stalker proportions but still he has my attention.

Well I’m going to watch some more games coverage. Hopefully I will have something my intelligent to share in the near future rather than vague ramblings of clothing and cute boys. And before I forget I have managed to finish reading 5 books!! Progress!


I’m Back!!!

Well folks I’m back. After an unscheduled blogging break I’m back. It would seem life all of a sudden got very busy, filled with birthdays, funerals, graduations and overseas travel. Talk about busy stuff. I could have blogged in that time I guess but I felt that I wouldn’t have really had the time to do a good job so it went on the back burner, with a lot of other things. I figured there was no real point in over doing things as life was stressful enough as it was and too much of burning the candle at both ends is not good for me. A lot of people don’t realise but I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 1994.


I did it!


This diagnosis means different things for different people as it seems to be used as a blanket diagnosis for a range of problems. For me it means I struggle with energy levels and am always tired but have major issues with sleeping. Brain fog is the other symptom I have a lot of problems with. I get forgetful and at times find it hard to think. On bad days I will forget what I’m saying mid sentence. I have gotten good at talking in circles, untill the thought  comes back, to cover up what is happening. I’m sure there are a lot of people who have met me that think I am pretty odd and scatter brained, or even the classic dizzy blonde, because of this. There are other issues that come with ME/CFS that affect me but these are the 2 that have the biggest impact on my life. These I struggle with on a daily basis and although I have learnt how to cope with these over the years, they are still a problem. I am also aware that there are people out there that aren’t as lucky as I am as I have long stable periods between relapses. I generally don’t tell people about my ME/CFS as it is so hard to explain and that there is a lot of stigma and controversy around it (even in the medical community). Enough of the boring stuff and more of the good stuff….

With the proud husband

I graduated in March. It was such a great way to finish off my studies. It was definitely not the easiest of things to do but,… I DID IT! Making the decision to go back to school, and do it while trying to work, have a life and keep paying the mortgage and other bills, looking back was a crazy idea but I’m so glad I did. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family, close friends and, of course my number 1 cheerleader, my husband. I also made some amazing friends when studying and they were also great support. I was fortunate enough to see my little (step) brother graduate at the same ceremony. There were crazy winds the afternoon of the ceremony which made for difficult photography conditions. It was a great day overall and I am so proud to be able to say I’ve been there and done that.

Windy photo conditions

With little bro and our better halves.

Happy Anniversary!

10 years today since I met you.


Jess and Frosty

Young love, at the beginning.


6 years today since I married you.

Jess and Frostys wedding

On our wedding day

But today is the day I love you even more.

Jess and Frosty

A more current version of us.

Here’s to many more happy years together, Happy Anniversary Frosty!