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High Tea

During the month of January I said that for #30 Visit somewhere new (full list is here) that it was actually somewhere I had been before but not really visited. This is what I ment.

A very good friend of mine, Zac, was visiting from Christchurch and we decided to do something a little different while we were having a catch up. We went for High Tea for two at the Camellia Tea House

High tea for two at Zealong

High tea for two at Zealong

Well what a beautiful setting. I had been out to the Zealong Tea Estate once before for a look but at that point they still had buildings going in and the gardens were still being established. I didn’t stay for tea on that visit so I don’t really consider that a proper visit. Not having tea at a tea house seems like a non visit to me.

This proper high tea was such a lovely experience. It is very peaceful overlooking the plantation and the food was even yummier to eat than it was to look at. I forgot to take a photo of the full afternoon tea but did get one of the toplevel. The tea itself was such a treat. We got to pick our flavor (which is basically different degrees of roasting) and had a little table side burner to keep the pot hot. The tea you infused yourself and it only takes a minute. Well we were so busy talking we forgot and had an overly strong first cup. My only complaint is that maybe they should supply a little egg timer so you can time the infusion. I only really mention this as we sat and watched giggled as other groups sat down and had the same problem with timing the tea.

Zealong Plantation

Zealong Plantation (photo via http://www.zealong.com/en/Camellia-Tea-House)

Also while we were there we had a little stroll along the path and checked out the neat bronze statues they had depicting various parts of the tea making process and a very impressive looking dragon made from tea pots and tea cups. (Note to self: this would have made for great novelty photos… must do next time I am there.)

I throughly enjoyed the experience and am keen to do it again. It also ment I got to spend a lovely time catching up with one of my favourite people in the world.