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Ginger moments

The new recipe I tried out this month was Ginger moments.

Ginger moments

When the book guy brings in his special deals to work there are always several things that tempt me. A couple of weeks ago there was a book that after flicking through it I just knew I had to have. Robyn Martin’s Quick and Easy Cupcakes, Slices, Macaroons, Biscuits, Cakes and More. You can find it for sale here.

 I had 2 different birthday functions to attend that needed me to bring a little something so I picked ginger moments. They are a cross between a ginger kiss and a melting moment. Both of these things are high up on my list of favourites so I had to give it a go. And as a bonus you only need one pot to make the cookie part. I did have a small hiccup with the first batch, I set the timer wrong and they came out a little over done. But still totally edible just more like a ginger nut. So for the second batch I carefully set the timer and still managed to over cook them. I think it might be my oven. Again good flavour and the butter and lemon curd filling helped to soften them. They went down rather nicely with a cup of tea and board games. (I’m not just saying that because I won one of the games either.)

Ginger moments close up

I know exactly what to do next time I make them. I will make them again because they were yummy and I won’t be happy till I feel like I have done them justice. I will also make them again as the birthday boy for the second gathering mucked up his flights from Christchurch and never got to try them.

While we are on the topic of ginger I must point out that I am quite fond of it. Ginger food, ginger cats and even ginger men. (Funny that I didn’t marry one though. So in the blogging spirit of over sharing I thought I would share my top 5 ginger crushes.

5. Seth Green

Seth Green

Seth Green via poptower.com

Very funny and a collection of geeky collectibles to die for.

4. Nate Mendel.

Nate Mendel Foo Fighters

Nate Mendel via lastfm.com

Foo Fighters! Need I say anymore?

3. Max Martini

Max Martini

Max Martini via tvloop.com

I got totally hooked on the tv series The Unit a while back. Only thing better than a spunky ginge is a spunky ginge in uniform.

2. Prince Harry.

Prince Harry via thesun.co.uk

Second in line to the throne after Prince William and second on my list. I wouldn’t care about not being Queen if it ment I nabbed the cute one. Kate can keep William. haha. Didn’t Harry look cute in his uniform at the royal wedding too?

1. Damian Lewis.

Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis

I think this is the one that sparked of the realization that I had a thing for ginger men. Band of Brothers is where I first discovered him. Again another uniform (3 makes a trend) but he looked pretty buff in Your Highness and I am loving the new series Homeland on tv at the moment.

Well there you have it. A recipe and too much info. So sorry for my lack of blogging in the past week. I promise it wont be so long till the next post. I’ll leave you with my favourite ginger man in my life, Goose.

Goose chilling

My boy Goose hanging out on the deck



A furry distraction

Well nothing in the past week or so seems to have gone to plan. We went to look at kittens just considering the possibility and came home with two new additions to our family.

kittens at play

These two wee boys have certainly kept us very busy but it is such a joy to watch them explore, learn and play together.

Meet Maverick.


If he were a human he would be described as the type to dive in without thinking. Act first, think later would be his motto. Full of energy but unable to take the hint when his little brother doesn’t want to play.

Meet Goose.


He is very thoughtful and it is almost like he puts alot of thought in before he does anything. A real snuggle puss and a hit with the ladies.

We got these two little angels through Paws 4 Life. I must recommend Rach to everyone and if anyone in Hamilton needs a kitty she is the lady to see. She has been a god send answering these anxious new parents questions.

Mummys bag

These little guys are already leaving paw prints on our hearts. Each night Frosty and I rush home from work excited to see our boys. We now just need them to stop stealing our pillows in the night.

stop it we are trying to sleep

Will update you all on my  resolution progress soon, but I believe for now there is some string that needs chasing.