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The Tale of 2 Movies

Number 24… Watch a new (to me) movie once a month.

I put this one on my list because frankly I am lazy… and cheap. We never go to the movies, no date nights or anything. I think the main reason we stopped going was it just got so expensive. For the price it cost to go we could buy it on DVD as a new release. We don’t do that either. Unless it is a very special DVD we are usually strictly bargain bin people. (I can’t believe how sad and boring we sound.) I tend to watch the same handful of movies over and over. They are like my ugly worn out trackies or comfort food… always reliable, know how to make me feel better and what I need to hear. My mood will dictate the movie but it will usually be one of these: Pride and Prejudice; Desperately Seeking Susan; The Breakfast Club; The Pick of Destiny; The Fast and the Furious- Tokyo Drift; Top Gun.

The Breakfast Club

So I thought that in making myself watch something different might be a nice change. There are often things that I say I’d like to see but then never do.

Last month I excelled myself and saw 2 new movies, one so new it was a preview screening at the movie theatre. Both movies couldn’t be anymore different if I had tried.
Now before we go too far, I am not; a reviewer, an expert, renowned for amazing taste in film. I like what I like and am unafraid to say I have not gotten round to seeing Avatar or that I did not like the Lord of the Rings. *gasp* A new Zealander that didn’t like Lord of the Rings? Shocking. If you want a break down on the actual movies maybe using the IMDB links would be best.
We had free tickets to this from The Rock radio station for the preview screening. I went along with very low expectations and was only really there because it was free. I even asked a film buff friend on the way in how bad he expected it to be and he informed me that it had a 13% rating somewhere (sorry I really should pay more attention but I was quite focused on my choc top and popcorn) already.
I was actually surprised that I didn’t hate it. I even sort of enjoyed it. Now I did have issues with the whole invisible electricity aliens and the way they killed off a couple of victims but it wasn’t the worst thing I have watched. I did think the 3D was pointless and added nothing to the movie and the script was at times quite cheese laden, particularly near the end with a Independence Day-esk speech complete with gate wide open for sequel. The acting was generally watchable, no Oscars to be won but fairly consistent throughout. Early in there was a patch that dragged so much that it made me turn to my friend next to me and actually complain I was bored. That part passed and I then got over it. Like most females I took issue with costuming, well mainly one characters shoes and lack of.
To me it is the kind of B grade late night movie that is fine for some light entertainment. In that capacity I would definitely watch it again if I stumble on it but I wouldn’t be going out of my way to watch it.

Mao's Last Dancer (film)

 I did ballet as a child so anything dance related I am usually keen to see. I really enjoyed how this movie was all put together with having his life as 2 timelines running side by side almost. It flowed so well which I was impressed by as when movies have flash back type scenes it usually breaks up the story for me. I was also fascinated by the concept of the communist regime manufacturing artists. How the basis of anything can be taught but without the talent or the passion or the understanding and feeling it can not be complete or convincing. I guess it is like a lot of things in life, either you’ve got it or you don’t.

This movie was a very compelling watch. I knew that I was most likely going to enjoy it but I was surprised that Frosty was glued to it the whole time too. He found that he couldn’t even pull himself away to make a cuppa. I enjoyed this movie so much that I have added the book title to my list of books to read at some stage.

Oh and Happy Valentines Day to all. I hope that you all know that you are loved regardless of your status. 🙂