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A new recipe.

Ok so cooking has never really been my strong point. I can bake pretty well but cooking is a job that has always fallen into Frostys’ domain. I can hear a collective gasp “a husband that cooks!” I know, pretty lucky right? Well I have always just deferred to him citing reasons like “if it’s up to me we’ll stave” or “I don’t enjoy cooking and he does” and so it has been for the past 10 years. Well in the pre-Frosty years I cooked, ate and survived but I have never been a confidant cook, unlike my parents. Dad is an awesome cook and mum… well can anyone ever beat a mums home cooking? As the years have ticked by I have become less and less confidant to the point I ask dumb questions when preparing anything harder than 2 minute noodles or toast.

Toast, toasted

I have decided now is the time for change! It has never been that I couldn’t cook, I just didn’t. With pushing myself into 1 new recipe a month I figured it would get me up and running in the kitchen again and also build up not just my skills but the choice of meals in high rotation in our household. I guess most people suffer from it but it is never really spoken of, the dreaded meal rut. Eating the same thing week in and week out because it is easy and doesn’t require too much thought.

Well I did it. I started off little but I have started. A Nigella Lawson recipe even. Marmite spaghetti. Here is the recipe and video.

Nigella Lawson at a Borders book-signing

I saw this on TV the other week on her show and it peaked my interest. I kept wondering what it actually tasted like. I finally gave in and googled it and had a go. Frosty claims it is his new favourite meal and can’t wait to have it again. I personally LOVED it. Total comfort food perfection.

Now a small confession, although the sauce has a whole 3 ingredients I still managed to muck it up and take 2 goes to get it right. My mistake in just reading the recipe and not watching the video ment I did not have a hot enough pan or put my water in fast enough. Lesson learnt.

Other things learnt was that next time I will use more Marmite (Vegemite in this house). It says a teaspoon I used more like 2 next time I will use more like a tablespoon. Also we did not have the parmesan to go on top but I doubt it really needs it so I would not rush to have some especially. One other thought on it all is that I should have taken a photo of my effort butas I haven’t here is one someone else took of theirs.

Overall the new recipe was a success and I now feel brave enough to try something more daring out next month.