… 52 resolutions.

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1 week down


No surprises really that the first week has just blown by. I have however made some small progresses and a mild failure. If you need a reminder of my resolutions have a look here.


#1 Started a blog and posted 3 times (yes I’m counting this). Now there is still a long way to go and I’m not amazingly in love with how it all looks at this stage but I figured I can work on that stuff later. I just need to keep reminding myself  “I have only just started and I have time to work on things. Everything does not need to be done today!” I am slowly learning how everything works and am feeling a little proud of myself that I have followed though this much with the busy week I have had… work, family (some visiting from overseas and one in and out of hospital), I had some mystery illness that had me a bit slow and then there is the weather. We have had some very unseasonal weather which has consisted of a lot of rain and even flooding in places.

#3 I also joined The Sew Weekly. I haven’t sewn anything yet (I can’t even get to my sewing machine at the moment)  but I have joined which is one step closer right?

Sewing costumes

Non Progress…

#33 I bought a birthday present for someone and the lovely man at the shop gift wrapped it and popped it in a bag for me. I walked out of the shop and got halfway down the mall and looked down at my hand to realize I was clutching a plastic bag. I will need to get a lot smarter to outwit these pesky plastic bags I think.

#2 which is train for a marathon 3x per week… did not happen this week. With the rain we have been having I thought I know I will use the wind trainer (if you don’t already know it basically makes a regular bike into an exercycle). Now that in itself was a good plan until my husband pointed out he had misplaced a vital part required to make it work. So I thought I know I’ll get one from the bike shop next to work…. um… no because I forgot, the missing part was then found and discovered to not fit with the new wheels so it was still a no. By this point the week finished. Good news is I have a replacement part so a different excuse will be needed next week.

Rain on Window

#52 I did drink some water, nowhere near 2L a day but it is an improvement on recent form so I wouldn’t count it as a total loss.

One week down and 51 to go… it sounds like a short amount of time when it is put like that. Well at least the sun is shining today. Maybe it means I’ll get more done this week.

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